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Gmarket is a site where you can buy stuff from Korea. (Skin care product, clothes, CD of Kpop, etc...).

So if you're interested in Korean stuff, Korean culture, even Korean food go to Gmarket: global.gmarket.co.kr/

  • My order.

So I order 6 skin care product. Like a week ago 3 March, and 8 days past and BOOM, my order was there. So Gmarket shipping is very VERY fast compare to other site. So A++ for the shipping. (The second + is because it came directly to Korea and still the shipping is fast).



  1. Nature Republic, Soothing & moisture aloe vera gel 92%. ( http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=329063696 ) 

 So this cream... gel sorry is VERY VERY CHEAP, and it comes in a huge size 300ml for less than 3€ (I think 2,30€, click on the link for more info about the price). And it's a MUST HAVE !! This gel can be used on hair, after shaving (for men or women), on your eyes (for puffy, tired eyes), on body part that is dry (as a body moisturizer), on your face as a moisturizer, as a mask for soothing and moisturizing your face, for nail (for strengten them, and moiturize them). So you can use it EVERYWHERE on your body, it's cheap, it comes in a huge size (for less than 3€), it's very mosturizing and it should last you long because of the size of it. SO IT'S A MUST HAVE ON YOUR DAILY ROUTINE !!!

2. It's Skin, Power 10 formula effector 11 types ( http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=204501151 )

So it's an essence/serum with 30ml, and there's 11 diffrent types of it, I choose the "VB (Sebum control), because i have an oily skin plus acne pron skin... So yeah (imagine that: I touch my face just for a seconde and few hours later my skin breakout and I get a pimples... SO BAD !) So this product is VERY popular in Korea because you can pick the one that is better for your skin. And for me just after 4 use I can see that my skin don't produise that much of sebum (oil), and for my acne well it work but not as fast as for sebum, I can tell that some of my pimples are gone but not all of them (it takes times). So I recommend this product because it works well and you can pick the one that is more good for your skin type. For me the "VB" is good. So go check this out !!

3. Holika Holika, Aqua Max Moisture Cream ( http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=375429236 ) 

It's a moisturizer as it's says in the title. And there is 3 types: Sebum control (I picked this one), Ultra moisturizing and Nutri moisturizing. And the Sebum control is green and it's just so Woah. I use it in the morning so like that I don't produise sebum in the day. And the scent is so refreshing and good and light. It's not that hard heavy scent it's very light but enough. And the cream is so fresh, I always keep it in my room (not even in my fridge) and it's always cold a little bit, so it's so refreshing (So, good for the summer !). And it comes in 120ml (so it should last you long, because normally face moisturizer came in 50ml or 60ml, so I was suprisedly happy !) and with a little spatula for not putting your finger in the cream for not putting dirt in it. And in the cream there is micro bills for getting into your pores to thighten them ! So this cream it's really GOOD for oily and with visibles pore !! I will repurchase it again !

4. Etude House, Real Art Cleansing Oil ( http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=207592563 )

So cleansing your face is very important for flawless, clear skin. And the first step of cleansing is removing make up and sun cream !! Don't forget to do it everynight, or you will regret it !! And this oil contains Coconut oil wich is very good for the skin, I'm sure you know the benefits of this oil, so I'm not gonna be talking about that. So this cleansing oil remove make up very well as removing sun cream too, and because of coconut oil it moisturize your skin. So very good for your first step of cleansing because it's moisturizing, and you always need to mosturize your skin. So yes I recommend this product, because it does what it claims, removing make up/sun cream and plus it moiturizing your skin ! So click on the link.

5. Etude House, Wonder Pore Freshner ( http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=218154362 )

So this toner is also very popular in Korea, it's a 7 in 1 !! And it do his job ! It is a wonderful toner, you really need to go check this out !!! What it claims: Deep cleansing pores, Maintain PH 4,5 of the skin, Control a large amount of sebum, Minimize appearance of pores, Refine the skin tone, Keep the elasticity of pores, Moisturize inside and outside of skin. So YES YES YES AND HOLY SH*T YES IT WORKS SO WELL !!!!!! (Sorry for the language) So I order the 500ml bottles because it works so good for me and my friends all of them (at least just one of my friends didn't saw a huge diffrence but beside her EVERYONE was amazed). So definitely go check this out, click on the link. But buy at first the little size just for testing it out at first, and if it's works as well as it did for me go for the 500ml. GO CHECK THIS OUT !

6. Skin Food, Salmon Brightening Eye Cream ( http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/English/detailview/item.aspx?goodscode=400911094 )

So it comes in 30ml and it brighten your dark circles that is under your eyes. And I can't say something else right now. Because I didn't see any diffrence in 2 days, but maybe in a long term it would work. But right now I can't say: go check this out or go buy this product because I don't know if it's realy effective. But still, if you wanna buy it then go for it.

  • Conclusion

So go chek this Web Site if you don't know it already, and if you love korean skin care product or other stuff from Korea. And the shipping is very fast. And it's a site that you can truthfully trust them, it's very professional. And I'm very happy with the product that I buy (because I knwo what I was buying). So defnitely i will go to Gmarket buy other stuff. Go click in the link on hte top of this review.

Thanks for reanding it. And have a good day.

PS: Don't mind the photo, I'm bad at it. But I will improve for the next time. If you have any tips for taken photo just tell me so like that I will improve and do better reviews. So please please tell me about it.